Despite being designed for the water, boats require constant maintenance, fundamental for ensuring their safety and prolonging their life.

Nausika Yacht makes the difference, with storage even for large boats (up to 30 metres), thanks to its modern technologies, highly specialised personnel and impeccable winter storage.

In this way, owners will find their yachts in perfect working order at the start of the new season.

In addition, our staff offers total assistance for the widest variety of administrative requirements: certificate renewal, management of safety equipment and any crew needed, assistance for leasing documents and much more.

The advantages, in terms of quality of the end result and work, are immediately evident as soon as you enter a Nausika Yacht structure clean, dedicated surroundings enable our technicians to work on boats with a combination of efficiency, respect for deadlines, quality and reliability.

Our boatyards are equipped with:

  • Mechanical workshops: our dedicated personnel is highly specialised and constantly updated. They carry out performance diagnosis and analysis, as well as repairs, replacements and general revisions of engines and propulsion parts, using cutting-edge instrumentation;
  • Electrical workshops: personnel qualified to work on any kind of electrical system or instrumentation on board;
  • Joinery workshop;
  • Carpentry workshop;
  • Painting workshop WITH BOOTH.

Thanks to our equipment , we can carry out not only standard storage maintenance, but also any other kind of work, even refitting.