Refitting is proven to help keep boats in top condition, helping them to last over time.

Once the summer is over, your boat is put into storage until the springtime.

This period of time is ideal for both revamping its interiors, for updating its systems to more modern standards, or for modifying the entire boat, to ensure the same, or even better, performance.

Examples of refitting are repairs, fixing, restoring and painting.

Nausika also offers a series of services for your boat to improve its structure, systems, and internal workings (hardware, hydraulics or simply its comfort).

Refitting of boats comprises different activities, each equally as important, and this is why you must turn to the experts: we can replace its upholstery or add option extras to improve comfort inside; we can customise both its aesthetics and functions; we can install new systems in an old model to modernise it.

  • Additions or replacements: for example replacing upholstery or adding new optional extras to improve the comfort of your boat’s interiors;
  • Modifications: structural alterations to your boat or yacht;
  • Customisation: refitting makes it possible to personalise your boat in line with your requirements, whether aesthetical or functional;
  • Modernisation: if your boat is an old model, you can quite happily install new systems and technologies, or treat it to a more up-to-date look.
  • Restoration: restoring an old wooden boat, for example, to preserve it better.

Before you refit your boat, Nausika draws up a realistic work schedule, agreed on with the client, in line with requirements and budget.

Refitting offers different options, but it is a good idea to focus only on what you really need, after careful analysis, indispensable for offering your boat only the best treatment possible.